Jan 042016


Hello my friends,

Sorry about the long time between blog posts, I was packing up my house to get ready to move this summer and the move fell through so I had to unpack some items to get back to crafting.  I missed my crafting blog.  I have a bunch of stuff that I have done over the past 4 months that I will be blogging about in the next few weeks.

Today’s blog is about the Awesome Scout Troop flag that I made.    My husband is a natural born scout leader he loves to help boys grow and develop into independent scouts. I in the past have only been the “Scout Mom” but for over a year now, I have been the Assistant Scout Leader for the 11 year old boys in our area.  My wonderful husband is of course the leader.

When we started working with the troop they had a very small awkward and falling apart scout flag for the scouts to have for all of their meetings.  Our scouts wanted a “Real Flag” that they could use proudly at all of their scout camps and activities.

Our Patrol Patch is a Tiger with flames behind it, so we decided to keep with the same tiger theme and just make a new flag that was the size of a “real flag”.

Knowing that the flag was going to be outside in the weather I picked up some good quality outdoor fabric to make the flag.   At most fabric stores you can get outdoor fabric in every color, pattern and thickness.  I went with a nice shimmery dark gray for the background,  Red and yellow for the flames and light brown (the color of the scout shirts) to embroidery on and make the letters.

To start I went over to my Mother’s house to use her Embroidery machine to make a Tiger that would look great on the flag.  My husband and my scout, Cameron, helped me pick out the Tiger that would look best on the new flag.

Wanting the flag to be double sided I planned on making the front and the back separately.  I planned on sewing all the items on the background then, putting the two flags together.  This was to make sure you could not see the stitching from the other side of the flag.


This is the tiger being embroidered!


This is the completed embroidered tiger above the troop patch we wanted to follow.  I planned on using appliqué to attach the tiger to the flag.

Next we needed flames to follow the patch design.


I cut out of paper the flame design that I wanted.  I then cut out some of the flames in red and some in yellow to make a nice fire design.  I made sure I had the same flame design for both sides of the flag.

IMG_2681To attach the flames to the flag I used iron on tape to hold the fabric in place until I could embroidery around each flame and the Tiger.


IMG_2684After I had the flames sewn on the flag I embroidered on the awesome tiger!


I used a small satin stitch to go around both the flames and the tiger.    I did my best to make sure both the front and the back of the flag were the same.


Using the same tan that the tiger was sewn on I cut out the troop name and numbers.  I also used the iron on tape to hold the letters and numbers in place until I could embroidery around each of them.  I then pressed everything flat with an iron and cut off all the loose strings.



I then with finished sides together I sewed the front and back together on three sides, leaving the side that will attach to the pole open to turn the flag.  I then pressed the seams flat.


Next I took the extra fabric that is on the side of the flag that will attach to the pole and I folded it over and over to provide lots of support for the flag in the wind.  I sewed back and forth on this area to strengthen the fabric.  my sew lines are about 1/4 inch apart.

IMG_2696Next step I had my husband help hammer in some brass rivets along the flag that I can use to attach the flag to the pole without damaging the fabric.

The new flag was then screwed onto the pole for durability.




The final project has been an awesome addition to our scout troop.

Our boys love to have the flag at every scout function and they have taken it camping 4 times already!

It still looks great!

I hope that you all have had a wonderful summer and you have had time to craft and enjoy life.

I look forward to sharing more with you soon.


May 082015

IMG_2880Sundays, The day of divine rest, the day of peace, the day of quiet thought and time for complementation.

Well those Sundays are for people who do not have 4 children running around fighting, yelling, chasing and throwing out sarcastic comments when they are bored.  Well that was my family on this beautify Sunday.   Now I have some wonderful kids, but in our small place that we are currently renting (we are looking at purchasing a house later this year) my kids can get on each others nerves.

There is not much room for privacy and sometimes  or space in our little place.  With the lack of a yard and the beautiful sun beckoning us on, I decided to take the kids for a short drive to the mountains and on a day hike.   We needed physical activity, fresh air and mountains.  The perfect combination to help my children act like friends again to each other. Continue reading »

May 062015

1393688_10152737231857796_74348844_nHello all of my friends,

I hope that you are having a wonderful Spring.  This Spring marks the one year anniversary adoption of my puppy Compass.

When my Husband took me to Cabela’s last year for my Birthday.  I came home with the best thing I could ever get from Cabela’s, a new best friend. **Caveat from Justin, we went to Cabelas BECAUSE they were hosting a pet adoption weekend!**

We had just moved to a “Pet friendly” place just a few months earlier and we were on the lookout for a new family member.  We wanted a child friendly dog that was sturdy enough to put up with running around all day with my children and yet be friends with our cat- Captain Shadow.

My husband and children fell in love with this beautiful 11 month old brown and white female dog that was sitting quietly in her kennel watching all the other dogs and people at the Dog adoption fair.

I was impressed by her quiet demeanor (all the other dogs were yapping away) and her watchful eye.   My family and I walked her around and played with her for nearly an hour.  She was already fitting right in with our family.  As far as Animal Services could tell, Compass was raised in several shelters.  She was dropped off to her first one, right after she was weaned from her mother.  She had never had a home yet.

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Apr 242015





Hello everyone and happy Spring day to you!  I appreciate all of my friends that have returned to My Savvy Home to read my crafting blogs.

I am having a wonderful month and wanted to share some of my crafts that I have done this month.  My teenage daughter loves to do something special for her best friends on their birthday.  She takes the time to find out what their favorite color, hobbies and current interest are.  She likes to customize a gift just for them.  I find this remarkable that she loves to spend the time to give her friends a unique gift made just for them.

This week for her friend Caitlin, she wanted to incorporate her favorite colors in some unique jewelry, Red, Black, White and Silver.  Together we made her friend a necklace with a matching bracelet.

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Apr 212015

IMG_2256  IMG_2296

Good Morning my friends.  I hope that you have had a wonderful April so far. I have had a fantastic April!   This week was my Birthday!!!! In my family we have the tradition to have a special family activity on the weekend of the birthday person.  The birthday person gets to choose the activity on that weekend and the special birthday dinner and dessert on their actual birthday.  This month is my birthday.   Each of us get our own Birthday month.  I have April.  Amelia has May.  Cameron has June.  Tristan has July.  Leatha has August and Justin has September.  We have one birthday a month!  Fantastic family planning! Continue reading »

Apr 102015



BEFORE                                                                                                                                                  AFTER


Hello all of my friends.  I hope that you are all enjoying the wonderful Spring weather that we are having.  We have had some rain, and even a little snow here in the Rocky Mountains.  It is fun to see the change in weather and the returning of the birds and the budding of the trees.    I love the outdoors and I love to garden so I am excited for Spring.

I had a busy but productive week and I wanted to share some of my projects with all of my new friends, you. Continue reading »

Apr 032015



Hello everyone, I hope that you are all having a wonderful Spring Week!

Today I am going to share with you these beautiful DIY Glass beaded candle holders.

These candle holders were made by my 14 year old daughter, Leatha for me for Christmas.  They are a wonderful gift that can be made for any holiday.  For Christmas we make gifts for each other instead of purchasing pre-made gifts.  We like to take extra time and love to make the gifts that we create for each other. Continue reading »

Apr 012015


Hello my friends.

I have a simple project today that will help young children learn to set the dinner table correctly.  In my house the children would often forget the forks and glasses so I came up with these handy placemats to help the children set the table.  I wanted the placemats to be bright an colorful and have visual reminders of what needed to be set on the table.  In my house we use placemats for Breakfast, lunch and snacks and a table cloth for dinner.

We had some of those plastic placemats that you can get for $2-$3 at the store, but my children hated to wipe them and put them away. They would hide them by the sink or place them back in the storage drawer dirty. YUCK! So I decided that I would make some placemats out of affordable fleece that could be washed and dried many many times. Continue reading »

Mar 302015



Hello my friends! I hope that you have had a wonderful week crafting.  I am starting to get Spring fever.  With my Spring fever I like to go through all the closets in my house and clean out the Winter items and get out the Summer and Spring items.  This week I started with my 8 year old, Amelia’s Closet.  I have made lots of clothing for my daughters so Amelia has a closet full of origional fun items that I have made for her.  Amelia loves to wear dresses.  I will say it again.  She loves to wear dresses.  Over the years I have made her many dresses and skirts, but I have noticed that she will not wear the skirts as often as she wears the dresses.  So we decided to match up her skirts with a T-shirt top and make her some new Spring/Summer dresses.  The best part of this is one Summer dress takes 1/2 the space hanging in the closet, then a shirt and a skirt hanging on their own. Continue reading »